for healthier happier pets & their people

Healthier Happier Pets Golden Retriever puppy and tiger printed kitten both fluffy cuddling on grass

Genki Pet

Professionally Blended behaviour changing Aromatherapy Spritzes

Want to boost your pet's health naturally?

Our eBook tells you how.

Why choose Genki pet for your family?

Our products are for healthier, happier pets and their people.
Yes! That's right. Our products are unique because they work on you too!
And creating healthier, happier homes and families naturally, is our goal.

We already know our pets feed off our emotions, energy and behaviour don't we?
And we certainly feed off theirs! So it makes perfect sense for us all to be enjoying the same relaxing and calming benefits, created by the same amazing natural products right?
Of course!

Our products work ~
just as well, and in some cases even better than synthetic alternatives. This means you get the behaviour results you want, without the guilt of using synthetic chemicals in your home and around your pets and family.

Our spritzes smell and feel amazing! They are 100% natural and blended using all human grade, highest quality Essential Oils. So why wouldn't you want to share in feeling relaxed, calm and confident with your pet? Go team!

large Dog And Child Eye To Eye

Are you a professional working in the pet industry?

We know you love your job, but why do it the hard way?
Lord knows we could all do with less stress in our lives and we know some days your little darlings are not at their best and present you with some challenges.

Make life easier on you and the pets you care for, walk, train, pet sit or groom. Utilise the gentle effectiveness of our 100% natural Aromatherapy blends (that smell amazing!) and have a great day at work - naturally!

Our behaviour changing blends are for:

  • Relieving Anxiety & Hyperactivity
  • Healthy Socialisation
  • Calm Travel

Our products work
in perfect conjunction
with your skills

This is Stillness & Calm at work.

Watch as Caitlin utilises our blend to settle and calm a nervous Nelson in readiness for her amazing grooming session.
You will see the difference a little handcrafted Aromatherapy makes to both of them, all in a matter of minutes!

Our customers say:

When it comes to particularly anxious dogs, we put it on our hands and spray it around them and they become visibly calmer.

And we've noticed something we haven't ever seen before - some of the dogs choose to rub themselves up against the equipment we have sprayed it on!

~ Christie, Hairy Hounds Playground
Stillness & Calm


I use Genki Pet spray every time I walk my dog. I have found it has a wonderful calming effect on my dog.

He is less stressed when walking. If you have a dog that is nervous, I highly recommend buying this product. The fragrance is wonderful as well.

~ Elle & Boston the Staffie.
Friendship & Acceptance


Whenever we used to take Shinsei in the car on holidays to The Blue Mountains, he was always so vocal.

With Moving & Grooving, he was noticeably less anxious and even slept for part of the way.

~ Roland & Shinsei the Eygptian Mau.
Moving & Grooving


We have been using Genki Pet to help with Nisha's behavioural and anxiety issues; she was a foster dog, newly re-homed last year and we are succeeding.

We use it and the power of association to relax and support Nisha. We spray her safe places at home with it and her mat at work and we notice when she is there with other dogs, she goes straight for the safety of her safe smelling mat.

Anupam (BvSc MANZCVS) & Nisha.
Friendship & Acceptance


In a nutshell...

  • Safe and effective blend for cats, dogs and their people
  • Small batch, boutique product
  • Hand blended using Kinesiology by qualified Aromatherapist
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • 100% natural, pure, organic, ethically sourced and Australian Essential Oils
  • Utilises the healing power of nature
  • Unique blend of Essential Oils
  • Smells amazing!
  • 125 mL/4.2 fl.oz Aromatherapy Spritzes