Bart the italian greyhound at event calm and relaxed with stillness & calm spray

Bart | Stillness & Calm

I’ve actually tried an Aromatherapy pendant, rescue remedy, a Thundershirt and calming treats! Things work (sort of) but the poor little darling still shakes and is terrified.

He is very keen on the Stillness & Calm smell. We’ve had a small storm here this afternoon and this was the first chance we’ve had to try our new spritz from Genki Pet. I sprayed my top with it and covered Bart with the top as I didn’t want to disturb him. Bart was already better than he usually is when the storm started and I sprayed the room with it. It’s looking really promising!

He actually went to sleep during the storm!

He’s very different. Last night we went out for dinner and sometimes if there’s too much noise he’ll sit on his bed and shake but last night he was up looking and waiting for other dogs to come along and say hello. Then we went to a dog event in New Castle with lots of loud music and people talking on microphones and he was so very calm.

It really does seem to have lifted a weight off his shoulders.

Rachel just wanted to say a big thank you.
The Stillness & Calm is making such a difference to our boy.

We are just so happy our boy is getting some relief from the anxiety he has suffered. Bartie’s Vet even noticed the difference in him when he went for his vaccine recently and would like the details of the product. It was nice – the Vet noticing – so it was not just us wanting it to work! We are thrilled our boy is getting some relief from his fears. We can’t wait until the storm blend comes out.

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