which Essential Oils are safe for my doggenki pet aromatherapy for pets and their people essential oil bottle dropping oil into woman's hand

Which Essential Oils are safe for my dog?

Sep 23, 2019

There are three main considerations when considering which Essential Oils are safe for your dog. Toxicity Quality Concentration (Dilution) 1. Toxicity Quite simply, there are some plants, if ingested, that are toxic or poisonous for dogs. But so is chocolate right? My point is that […]

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pug in glasses pets and kinesiology

Pets and Kinesiology

Jun 21, 2019

What do pets and Kinesiology have to do with each other? And what is this “Kinesiology” we talk about when describing how we formulate our blends for pets and their people? Kinesiology = the study of movement Kinesiology literally means “the study of movement”. For […]

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natural remedies for pet fleas and ticks genki pet aromatherapy handful of green fresh therapeutic herbs

Natural Remedies for Pet Fleas & Ticks

May 7, 2019

Want natural remedies for pet fleas and ticks? Yes of course you do! We know how nasty those chemical repellents can be, but what to do about the equally nasty fleas and ticks then? Allow us to give you our view about a safe solution […]

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Genki pet for healthier happier pets anisata flowers and leaves

Anisata | A Delicious Aussie native

Dec 11, 2018

Anisata – a delicious Aussie Native (Aniseed Myrtle Oil) is the distinctive aniseedy scent in our Friendship & Acceptance blend. The Anisata Tree is indigenous to the coastal rainforest of subtropical eastern Australia and we think its unique Aussie-ness makes it really special. How we […]

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genki pet for healthier happier pets and their people donates to Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Giving Back

Dec 10, 2018

We here at Genki Pet are so proud to be giving back to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. They do such a brilliant job caring for and protecting our native Australian fauna. But we do have a hidden agenda! And our agenda is West Australian Sandalwood. […]

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Genki pet for healthier happier pets and their people why do cats eat grass

Why do cats eat grass?

Dec 10, 2018

Why do cats eat grass I wonder? This sweet man in my neighbourhood dived under a nearby car to avoid another passer by and then resumed his avid munching when I sat down. So it must be good! He was really keen on selecting just […]

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Canine Bowen Therapy ~ An Interview

Nov 20, 2018

One of our biggest fans, Maddy Newman from Bau’s Bowen joined me for a coffee and a chat about Canine Bowen Therapy, natural therapies for dogs and using Genki Pet Spritzes with her patients. You can listen to the interview here: Who is Bau? I […]

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healthier happier pets and their people naturally Dog Acupuncture by Jelena at Balanced Dogs

Benefits of Veterinary Acupuncture

Oct 5, 2018

By Guest Author ~ Jelena Stojanovic, Canine Holistic Therapist.   Acupuncture is an energy based system of healing that addresses and activates the self-healing powers of body. Stimulation of Acupuncture points influence the flow of energy within the body along its energy channels (meridians), moving […]

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