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Why do cats eat grass?

Dec 10, 2018

Why do cats eat grass I wonder? This sweet man in my neighbourhood dived under a nearby car to avoid another passer by and then resumed his avid munching when I sat down. So it must be good! He was really keen on selecting just […]

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Canine Bowen Therapy ~ An Interview

Nov 20, 2018

One of our biggest fans, Maddy Newman from Bau’s Bowen joined me for a coffee and a chat about Canine Bowen Therapy, natural therapies for dogs and using Genki Pet Spritzes with her patients. You can listen to the interview here: Who is Bau? I […]

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healthier happier pets and their people naturally Dog Acupuncture by Jelena at Balanced Dogs

Benefits of Veterinary Acupuncture

Oct 5, 2018

By Guest Author ~ Jelena Stojanovic, Canine Holistic Therapist.   Acupuncture is an energy based system of healing that addresses and activates the self-healing powers of body. Stimulation of Acupuncture points influence the flow of energy within the body along its energy channels (meridians), moving […]

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