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Giving Back

We here at Genki Pet are so proud to be giving back to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. They do such a brilliant job caring for and protecting our native Australian fauna. But we do have a hidden agenda! And our agenda is West Australian Sandalwood.

Rare, exotically scented and highly beneficial in our Friendship & Acceptance and Stillness & Calm blends, West Australian Sandalwood is a very special oil indeed.

Pets benefiting from health benefits of WA Sandalwood:

  • Preventing worry and stress
  • Promoting cooling, rest and relaxation
  • Creating feelings that are grounding and happy and most significantly harmonious!
  • WA Sandalwood is the Essential Oil of choice for anointing our ‘third eye’ to help ground and guide us throughout meditation.

How do we get our WA Sandalwood?

The oil is distilled from the hardwood of a fallen tree.
Two unrelated environmental factors in WA have ensured Sandalwood’s preciousness, protection and extensive conservation management by the Forest Products Commission of Western Australia (FPC).

In the 19th and 20th centuries, many trees were cleared to make room for wheat and sheep.
Their regeneration was impacted by the almost complete decimation of a little marsupial called a Woylie by feral cats and foxes.

The Woylie behaves much like a squirrel.
It collects and hoards Sandalwood seeds for food. When it was in healthy numbers, the Woylie was responsible for the germination of many new WA Sandalwood trees when rain met their uneaten seed collections.


genki pet for healthier happier pets and their people west australian sandalwood tree


Why we donate to protect the Woylie

This is why we here at Genki Pet donate $1 from the sale of every bottle of Friendship & Acceptance and Stillness & Calm to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Their programs actively protect the Woylie and its habitat.

Like anything precious, we here at Genki Pet use our WA Sandalwood with respect and care and buy our supplies from ethical and sustainable sources, including Indigenous Community Businesses.

If you’re looking to invest (long term!) in something that’s worth over $10 000/L, then WA Sandalwood is your commodity!
Meanwhile, simply enjoy the peace and harmonising benefits it brings your pet and you.


Thank you to Essentially Australia for their excellent information about WA Sandalwood.

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