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Rachel Carroll ~ Founder & Qualified Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist

Natural therapies for pets

By utilising the healing power of Natural Therapies for pets, Genki Pet helps pets and their people in feeling healthier, happier and calmer together. Our spritzes work and smell amazing!

Genki (“g” as in great!) means healthy in Japanese.
Rachel lived in Japan for two years, enhancing her appreciation of nature and all things Zen. Japan is also where Rachel met the friend whose pet troubles inspired the creation of her first Genki Pet blend in 2015.




We Value:

Good Health
Animal Welfare
Natural Therapies
Clean Stress Free Living
Honouring Our Natural Environment
Native Australian Essential Oils
Making the World a Better Place by Sharing Our Gifts

Our products work on you too

Behaviour Changing Aromatherapy Spritzes for Pets and their People.
Yes! Our products very importantly work on you too. 
Our wholistic and inclusive approach is what makes Genki Pet unique and so effective.
Small batch, 100% natural and professionally hand blended by a qualified Aromatherapist using Kinesiology. Australian Owned & Made.

The goal and purpose of our blends is positive mental, emotional and behavioural change for pets and their people; creating a sense of calm for the whole household.
The amazing scent is a pure bonus!

Our products are 100% natural, gentle and safe for your cat and dog.
Because their sense of smell is fine tuned, we professionally structure our blends to work effectively yet subtly, guided by the motto: Little & Lightly.

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Want to boost your pet's health naturally?

Our eBook tells you how.

Our Guarantee

Sometimes our clients get the results they were aiming for, sometimes they get unexpected and equally delightful results. They always get positive results!

Our products work.
The toxic, synthetic and often harmful products we avoid can work faster than a completely natural product. Our product is not a quick fix, it is an effective and 100% natural alternative. And of course, your best results will be achieved in conjunction with giving your pet time, mental enrichment and loving behavioural training.

By following our directions for use and exercising a little patience, you will notice a healthier, happier and calmer pet. If you don't, you may keep your amazingly scented blend AND we'll also give you your money back.

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