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Nisha | Friendship & Acceptance

We have been using Friendship & Acceptance for a couple of months now.
It helps with our dog Nisha’s anxiety and behavioural issues; she was a foster dog and newly re-homed to us last year.

We love the smell of the spritz – you notice it when it hits you but then you don’t smell it on everything hours later.

We feel we are having success using it to support and relax Nisha around other dogs.  By using the positive association between her safe places at home that we spray (bed, blanket) and her mat at our dog friendly bar that we also spray, she is noticeably calmer and more relaxed.

When she’s at the bar with other dogs, we notice she goes straight for the mat and its safe smell!

Of course, we are using the spritz as part of a mutli-modal approach to behaviour change and we think every bit is helping.

Just waiting for Genki Pet to bring out a roll-on now!

~ Anupam, BVSc MANZCVS, Melbourne.

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