We want you to be completely happy with your Genki Pet Aromatherapy spritz.

We are asking you to simply follow our directions for use and give your Genki Pet Aromatherapy spritz your best shot. If after following our directions and consistently using your Genki Pet Aromatherapy spritz for 21 days (from purchase) you find you are not completely happy with the results you are getting, then contact us immediately.

Tell us about what’s happening for you and your pet – we want your feedback! We’ll do our best to help you and your pet, but if you remain unsatisfied you may keep your amazingly scented Aromatherapy spritz AND we'll also give you your money back in full.



We offer you a completely FREE Aromatherapy Consultation with our qualified Aromatherapist that you are free to claim anytime. So reach out to us with any pre- or post-purchase questions. We are here to help you and your pet make the most of your Genki Pet spritz and lead healthier, happier lives together.

The toxic, synthetic and often harmful products we avoid can work faster than a completely natural product. Our product is not a quick fix, it is an effective and 100% natural alternative and tool for change.

Of course, your best results will be achieved in conjunction with giving your pet time, mental enrichment and loving behavioural training.

By following our directions for use and exercising a little patience, you will be noticing a healthier, happier and calmer pet in no time.

Sometimes our clients get the results they were aiming for, sometimes they get unexpected and equally delightful results.

They always get positive results! Our products work.


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