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Pets and Kinesiology

What do pets and Kinesiology have to do with each other?
And what is this “Kinesiology” we talk about when describing how we formulate our blends for pets and their people?

Kinesiology = the study of movement

Kinesiology literally means “the study of movement”.
For us here at Genki Pet, it means studying muscle movement and the feedback loop between the muscle and the brain to determine the most balanced and appropriate Essential Oil combinations and concentrations for the specific purposes of our Aromatherapy blends.


There is a feedback loop between all of our muscles and our brain. This is how we operate.
Say you accidentally put your hand on a hotplate that has been on. Your hand’s pain receptors feel the heat and burn before your brain knows what’s happening. And the way your brain finds out what’s happening is the message “HOT” gets sent via the feedback loop from hand to brain and, using the same feedback loop, the brain instantly sends back “TAKE HAND OFF”.

Naturally this communication happens in milliseconds right?
But you get the idea.

feedback loop between brain and hand kinesiology

Where did Kinesiology come from?

So back in the ’60s, Dr George Goodheart DC, a Chiropractor from the US, found that evaluation of normal and abnormal body function could be accomplished by using muscle tests and Applied Kinesiology was born. Since the original discovery, the principle has broadened to include evaluation of the nervous, vascular, lymphatic and energetic systems, nutrition, and cerebrospinal fluid function. Kinesiology, as a tool for evaluation, has been embraced by the Chiropractic profession, Medical Doctors and Dentists.

Dr George Goodheart Founder Applied Kinesiolgy
Dr George Goodheart DC

Different kinds of Kinesiology

The kind of Kinesiology we use is Specialised Kinesiology.
On our adult clients, we provide Kinesiology Sessions called “Balances“.
So if you’ve got something that’s not quite right and Kinesiology is your modality of choice “you go and have a balance”. Because essentially, achieving “balance” is the goal and purpose of the session.

At your Balance, your Kinesiologist will “muscle test” your muscles to find out what is at the core of the issue for you. Remember, while Kinesiology does have some healing and adjustments inherent within the modality, it is primarily an evaluation tool. So that allergic reaction to “you don’t know what” that you have never been able to narrow down the trigger to, Kinesiology can do that for you, using muscle testing.

Muscle testing for Genki-ness!

So here at Genki Pet, we use the same muscle testing technique and method of evaluation, to determine the most appropriate Essential Oils and their most appropriate concentration for dogs and cats, in the context of travel sickness, anxiety and socialisation. So you can be assured the blends you buy from us and use for your whole family are carefully formulated and most appropriate.

Production Genki Pet blends hand made

How do we formulate our blends?

We’d LOVE for you to be here when we are formulating a new blend! How can we describe the careful process of muscle testing through all the high quality and safe oils for dogs and cats before muscle testing the perfect concentration into that first bottle. Shaking it up and then…SPRITZ!
And we walk beneath the gently falling mist, wondering if our new and carefully formulated blend will smell like old footy boots and then… WOW! Amazing!

Every time we have nailed it first time – using Kinesiology to muscle test the most appropriate Essential Oils and their concentrations. The scents of our three blends are just as they were from their birth via Kinesiology. No adjustment necessary. Because Kinesiology taps in and knows. And muscle testing brings this knowing to light.

And then we give our new blend to some of you to play with and we are always so pleasantly warmed on the inside when you tell us it works. Of course it does! We’ve muscle tested it! So you can, with complete peace of mind, enjoy a safe, effective AND amazing smelling natural health product for your pet and your whole family.

Some handy resources for you

We think Element Health & Wellness here in Malvern, Melbourne are providing a very exciting healing experience for you by blending Canine Bowen Therapy and Genki Pet Aromatherapy Blends in their Pets and Pals Partnership Healing. They also specialise in Kinesiology Balances!

Our very favourite Kinesiologists:
Peter & Anna Morningstar
Optimal Health & Wellness
Maleny QLD

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