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two dogs lying in bed stillness & calm genki pet for anxiety and hyperactivity rescue dogs

Caitlin, Louis & Holly | Stillness & Calm

I groom dogs for a living and this product is great! It’s so good when something natural can help. Especially …

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Healthier Happier Pets and their people Grey cat prancing in backyard blue lead

Shinsei | Moving & Grooving

World traveller and frequent holidayer, Shinsei frequently travels on weekend breaks or on photo shoots for his new modelling career. …

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Bart the italian greyhound at event calm and relaxed with stillness & calm spray

Bart | Stillness & Calm

I’ve actually tried an Aromatherapy pendant, rescue remedy, a Thundershirt and calming treats! Things work (sort of) but the poor …

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luna dog sleeping on blanket calm relaxed

Luna & Steph | Stillness & Calm

Because I work in a professional dog caring environment, I am lucky to be able to bring Luna to work …

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for healthier happier pets and their people cat lying on kitchen floor confidently and relaxed

Bear | Friendship & Acceptance

It really is a great product. Thank you for gifting this to me as it has certainly made a difference! …

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Elle & Boston | Friendship & Acceptance

I use Genki Pet spritzes every time I walk my dog. I spray a couple of spritzes of Friendship & …

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baus canine bowen woman holding dog pet health

Bau’s Bowen | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

I practice Canine Bowen Therapy and also work in a professional care environment with dogs. When I’m using Bowen Therapy …

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rolo cocker spaniel anxiety stillness and calm genki pet

Rolo | Stillness & Calm

Sweet Rolo can be anxious at times, especially when getting a haircut. One spray of Stillness & Calm on the …

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jim staffordshire terrior doggy daycare anxious hyperactive

Jim | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

Sweet Jim gets very excited to come to daycare and sometimes we need to give him a little time to …

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Doggy daycare south melbourne anxious hyperactive calming

Doggy Daycare | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

Stillness & Calm and Friendship & Acceptance are great additions to our doggy behaviour toolbox. We use them both in …

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dachshund looking up at people anxious

Lucy | Friendship & Acceptance

Our little Dachshund, Lucy, was rescued from a puppy farm. She was very anxious, trusted noone and displayed no confidence …

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French bulldog relaxing on couch genki pet stillness and calm

Silvana & Pablo | Stillness & Calm

Pablo gets so excited sometimes! He loops around, runs up and down the stairs, all over the couches, jumping on …

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