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What is the Power of Association?

Allow me to share a little story with you to help you understand the amazingly powerful impact our sense of smell and indeed, Aromatherapy, can have over what we think and how we feel. And while I tell my tale, do allow your thoughts to wander to an Aromatherapy experience in your life that is just as rich and just as special.

So whenever I smell citrus blossom, whether it be lemon, lime or orange trees in bloom, buzzing with bees, I am instantly transported to my Grandfather’s garden.

My Grandfather’s garden was a sprawling lawn surrounding his high-set home in a small, South East Queensland town. As well as chickens, a vegetable garden, grape vines, roses and a mulberry tree, there were lots of citrus trees. My brothers and sister and cousins and I played hide and seek or 1-2-3 home for hours out in this yard and under the house. The weather was always bright and sunny and there were so many brilliant little nooks and crannies to hide in and explore. It was a fantasyland of smells really. And we all had such fun!

So whenever I smell citrus blossom, almost 40 years on from these fun childhood experiences, I am right back there. It is a mixture of mystery, laughter, sunshine, curiosity, naughtiness and joy that I am experiencing, some 40 years after the event, all due to the smell of citrus blossom. Amazing hey?

And I know you have one of these stories too.

THAT’S the Power of Association!


So how to use the Power of Association with your Genki Pet blend you ask?
Well that’s easy!

Simply think about your blend as the chicken AND the egg.

Say you want your dogs or cats to be more friendly and accepting of each other? You could spritz Friendship & Acceptance around them when they are NOT being friendly and accepting and the pure, unadulterated and totally natural Essential Oils within Friendship & Acceptance will automatically go to work, helping your dogs or cats feeling more relaxed, less worried, more self confident, more at peace about how things are.

AND when your dogs or cats ARE being friendly and accepting, you’d spritz Friendship & Acceptance around then too.


Because they are doing the behaviour you want and by spritzing Friendship & Acceptance at this time, we are getting them to associate the smell of Friendship & Acceptance with actually BEING friendly and accepting.

Got it?

So by utilising the Power of Association, the next time your dogs or cats are not doing the behaviour you want and you spritz Friendship & Acceptance around, you will get more bang for your buck!
Makes sense doesn’t it?

Rachel and The Genki Pet Team

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