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Why do cats eat grass?

Why do cats eat grass I wonder? This sweet man in my neighbourhood dived under a nearby car to avoid another passer by and then resumed his avid munching when I sat down. So it must be good!

He was really keen on selecting just the right area to graze from and then once he got munching, moved on to the next.

Theories abound about why cats eat grass

Here’s the top three:

1) To provide the fibre to help them pass hair balls
2) To provide the stimulation for vomiting and so clear out anything nasty or caught in the digestive tract
3) For the nutrients some grasses contain

I saw a punnet of “cat grasses” at Bunnings on the weekend and planting or potting these up for your cat will give them a guaranteed source of healthy (Genki) and un-chemically treated grasses to munch on.

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