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Bau’s Bowen | Stillness & Calm, Friendship & Acceptance

I practice Canine Bowen Therapy and also work in a professional care environment with dogs.

When I’m using Bowen Therapy with the dogs, I add Genki Pet and especially Stillness & Calm. The products increase the receptivity of the dogs when receiving the Bowen Therapy. Using the spritzes in conjunction with Bowen is especially helpful for treating things like anxiety.

I have noticed the Genki Pet products are also especially good for my colleagues who are not trained in bodywork. Having the spritz in their hands enhances their self confidence setting them up for success!

The beautiful smell of it on their hands and clothing definitely enhances their confidence and intention for what they doing with the dogs. It actually enhances their Stillness & Calm!

~ Maddy Newman, Bau’s Bowen, Melbourne.

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