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-Contains 100% natural, pure, organic, ethically sourced and uniquely Australian Essential Oils
-Small batch Boutique product
-Hand blended using Kinesiology by qualified Aromatherapist
-100% Australian made and owned
-Creates behavioural change
-Gentle safe formula for cats and dogs
-Unique blend of Essential Oils for calm and refreshing travel
-Reduces nausea and motion sickness
-Soothing nervousness and anxiety related to movement and change
-Will help your pet and you in feeling calm and grounded on car trips and going to the vet
-Utilises the healing power of nature
-Smells amazing!

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Directions for Use

Little & Lightly

Why use a fireman's hose to clean your home when a feather duster will do?
Our products are specific and powerful and less is definitely more.

Respect Personal Choice

Always make it possible for your pet and people to remove themselves from the area of use.

Gradually Introduce

Begin by leaving the lid on the bottle in the vicinity of your pet, gauging their interest.
When interest is positive or neutral, spray one or two pumps of your spritz on your person/clothes.

Made with the best quality Essential Oils, our products are perfectly safe, suitable and actually helpful for humans too. 
Yes! Genki Pet works on you too.

Gradually increase proximity of use toward pet's specific areas i.e. bedding, favourite spot, travel carrier, lead/harness, coat/jacket. Once you have the green light from your pet and people - enjoy spritzing the room, car, yourself more liberally.

The Last Resort

Making direct application to your pet the last resort means you always have something up your sleeve for particularly trying moments.
Always maintain a positive association with the scent, sound and action of your spritz.
For example, consider sometimes spraying your spritz on your hands first and massaging into the fur of your pet to deepen everyone's calm and relaxation.

Minimal direct application onto your pet's fur is safe but we think you'll find it unnecessary.
Instead thinking: How can I use as little as possible and get a great result here?

Appropriate use is common sense

Avoid direct contact with your pet’s face (eyes, nose) and other sensitive areas. Always close your eyes when spritzing yourself.

Avoid direct contact with food and water. For external use only.
Don’t worry if this accidentally occurs, you have chosen a totally natural product here and it is blended to a safe concentration for dogs and cats.
Simply observe your pet after consumption confirming they are ok. Probably not the worst thing they’ve ever eaten?!

Avoid use with baby pets (under 10 weeks of age).

All Natural Ingredients

Filtered water, Essential Oils (Spearmint *Organic, Patchouli, French Lavender, Ginger, Egyptian Geranium), Soluboliser (Naturally derived from Almond & Coconut Oils).

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Shinsei frequently travels for weekend breaks or on photo shoots for his new modelling career. Before we used Moving & Grooving, he was very vocal in the car, but last time we travelled with Moving & Grooving and he was noticeably less anxious and even slept most of the way.

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